Teaching Offer
  • I offer violin lessons for beginners and advanced, for children and adults.
  • My lessons are conducted individually tailored to the student’s needs, skills and interests.
  • I offer lessons in general musical knowledge (music notation, ear training, intervals, chords, scale, etc.), and music composition lessons.
  • Lessons in solo or group playing, chamber and orchestra music lessons.
  • Orchestra rehearsal is held at the Staatlichen Jugendmusikschule Hamburg (Albert Schweitzer Schule - Hamburg Nord)
  • I can prepare young candidates for examinations to the Academy of Music, for competitions and public performances.
  • I provide assistance in exercising and preparing difficult orchestra passages.
  • Orchestra Travel.
  • I am able to provide professional advice on buying a proper instrument, I can recommend some of the best violin makers in Germany.
  • I give lessons in German, English or Polish.
  • In my violin class the student has an opportunity to perform at concerts and receive lessons in a band and in a chamber orchestra.
  • My students have been the prize winners of the Jugend Musiziert, Musikwettbewerb Bergedorf, Competition for Polish Music.
  • The lessons are conducted in Hamburg - Nord, Hamburg - Mitte, Norderstedt Garstedt
  • Learning to play the violin is a great pleasure!

I hope that my offer will meet your needs I look forward to your response !